Sunday, April 03, 2011

ApriLove , April Fool

Who said being human is easy?
You should know love. Then nurture it, grow with it, have loyal about it. Love is sometimes make human so unhuman. Make human to hurt, kill one another, each other to be able keep the love.

I found this case in Jakarta.
A man happily, was happy. He met finally meet his spouse through facebook, then they get married. But the man should feel suffer for his love. Somehow God turn the happy marriage into fact. The guy wife, beloved wife for 6 month is a Man. The un-gay guy married the man who is actually a transition gender street criminal. The guy now prison the ex wife with charge as fake gender crime. Love fool? Some times

Then I found another fact.
The online friend who became husband and wife. One is a Indonesian woman, who kindly help her online buddy on chat room. The woman never ever imagine she would done the long distance relation ship with the guy he meet online. The guy also a foreigner. Western meet eastern. In small cyber public place called chat room. Now, they have son and they live happily ever after. They even published their love story in local Jakarta Magazine. Not famous as previous case, but I see the same ideas. Loves fool. But this happy couple doing better preparation than just getting married.

It's fool love, you loose some mind, you drop somethings, you fantasize the smile and everything that beautiful. You just seem out of the world. You shouldn't to drunk when in love. Keep your self alive and alert. Pick the best guidance when you in love. For me, I pick the creator of love. God. He will lead to the real love tough we've been addict in love.

Happy April, Happy to be in Love

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