Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Things sometimes, come to be our problem which is also be our way out. Solution I always see it clearly after all the confuse, mistakes and something makes me not simple. But as always, I ask to some my problem solver friends, include my dad.

Orait, means OK. Its come from Indonesia Slank, means alright. To have problem you must be ready to state this ORAIT. You accept things and refuse somethings, in the end, the best way is you have to say alright, okay means you have some consideration, which is will lead you to decision.
Its simple word, but it state that you agree, couple % understand, some % disagree.

Just follow the next clue in your problem, which you also can have after you feel alright. Take your time, ask to God what's the best. As long you still shows to God you are hard work to get the best decision, in other side you also be ready for the reality bites, everything gonna be ORAIT.

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