Saturday, September 05, 2009

I am

Once I call my self stupid
once I call my self ,my middle name is "naif"
once I call my self mad
once I call my self lazy

Once I had known, I am not stupid
I choose this, which is right tough it's hard
Once I had understand, I am not naif
I had to tell the truth tough it's pain for you

Later if I am mad
I will ask my self not too
I will tell my self that you just different
And it's just me different
Why should shame about this.

Later if I am lazy
I will ask my self to get up
Stand up and work hard
To make my self understand
and so life is.

"Why accept different is so hard for you?"

a man and a glass of wine

He stood in mid day
staring the lay of earth
sound keeps whispering "come what may"

Couple minute after
when the cloud blow faster
he grab his pocket
turn on the lighter
blocked the coldness
by a cigarrete

you see him
sit next to the tree
whispering nothing to be
he keep the silent
but empty follow
mad mix with question
hundred of why

until he reach
how to end all the questions
get assumptions
"that shouldn't be stopped"
with final conclution

day has weakened into
light that broken
darkness warrior is glorify sky
time to celebrate the conclution
he take a glass of wine
taste good
drink more and more
while he reach empty called satisfy
where mind and logic tricked
a starter ; wine
his day shouldn't end
his question supposed to keep goin on