Wednesday, September 21, 2011

See you soon

4 pm. The rushing hour. Many deadlines. The rush for the work? No. Hope to see you. Soon.In the next couple hour forward. But whole this jobs and tasks should describe in one word : DONE. Can I? While my energy have only last minute. Maybe if I could translate it in mobile phone energy, it's just one half bar last. I just keep moving. I don't have no more option but to this. I now, I want to see you. But daily, I responsible to this whole tasks. I finally try to pump up my last energy.

Circle K. A simple convenient store. Sell the best drink in the world: Milo! Yeay. In between my hopeless, my lateness and my regret... It is very cheerful to have a big cup of Milo. Still out of the CK, my mind stuck. With you. Only you, how  should I met you. Once again I couldn't see you. We are so different. In time line, in needs priority. I was in the rush to see you. I was pondering to be able share my whole day with you. Then? None of it , I felt it from you. Ow is it just me that such feeling. It is to see you. I just want to see you. My Milo finished in wrap of minutes. Then Paramore song come to cheer me. After this afternoon pass by, I should walk again. Maybe you just not for me.

In the next morning.. I found YOU! It is a best gift. You are in my pray. How could? You. In a package of two tickets of Maher Zain concert. Its wonderful life. I see you, with my loving artist. The next big thing was your smiley in my messenger. Soon. Allah answer everything that we want that soon. I believe something more than this!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Workin The Way

I don't understand much
But I do feel right

I don't need much
But I do get some

I don't ask much
But I get more

A happy day is when you have all in one time, what you want, what you dream about, what you fight for. Is like heaven on earth isn't  it? It will never happen... Or might happen later on in the real heaven. Sometimes, many times we just have to cry out then get what we want. We pressed the eyes to pop the tears, we waste effort to have result. Once again , is it what we should believe in?about the results?NO.

One time I cried... with thousands regrets  mistakes. I was begging for the mercy from the Creator. Hope all my sins will fade away. It won't. It just written that clear. But Allah give me the way how to erase, how to fix. The word is how .... not what to erase. Means... the process is much more important than the results. Results are good. But How is the form of "Mechanism-WORK". And a human literally consider as human by work, effort and thinking. That's what make human honorable than the other creature.

So let's think.... how to, how to how to... better than what will I get?
 relax.... Heaven is not cheap. Is expensive as expensive the effort to have it.

" longing for the best effort, with heavenly on earth reward "
about my heart in between some paths

Saturday, September 17, 2011


One day, you just had a life full of tasks. Need to do a to z. But get only less time. I had it, recently. Oh dear, it nearly killed my mood. I uneasy to enjoy sleep, or simple food. Then if this happen, what could I do? I can't stop. Stop is just making worst the tiring situation. I walk, slowly. Paused for a while. Step in to the room, block any social needs then break down with my self. Don't want to waste my learning time, I also keep writing what I feel. Even a simple thing. It might lead to a good story-as if I need novel brainstorm-.Then watching my self lying on bed.. How could? Just a simple stress released.

I discover some people need shopping to run away from reality sucks.  Some likes to holiday. They just lucky could run away that fancy -_-" Some eat and feed self more ;D not my choice. It would make my tummy even larger than life ---hiperbolistic here.Some just release them self in toxic-drug-smoke. Definitely no. That a bullet that killed slowly.

Run to get back. Run away is not the choice. Run to have break and some air. Run is good for health and extra power. But not to hide and instant shortcut. But be careful with your speed, it control by your breath. The goal is in front ahead, but to manage the speed and breath is important. The speed is like motivation, breath, as amunition is the pray, that should filled in every run.

Run....with me  baby?

Friday, September 09, 2011

Its damn difficult. Let's try to be the best. Do the right thing after messed up things. The rest Allah let do it. I will try my best.

Like I know what will happen after all this, but the believe , faith will always in my heart. Mistakes is needed to be the experience. So I will learn. So lets do some song to keep hold on. I will make it true.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Walk !

 Sandal that I took trip with... Yeah its landed in Karimun Jawa beach!

Geta, japanese clog that I wore in my friends wedding with her Japanese husband.

"What ever your technology, what ever your hair color, you need to walk with one of those sandal above whenever you feel in love with nature or culture"

Military Speaking

I was in line of queue in bank. Try to save my time by reading book than I come over to the teller desk. 396, that my number the teller had told. But after I wait behind the teller, come another man to wait also. It silly, we have the same number, which there is only one machine printed out. But both our ticket are same. The teller begin panic , she asked me to loose my turn over him, but the man said "how possible you skip a number? If in Changi Airport you should be missed... This country needs military touch.." . The man kept saying even tough the teller already overcome the situation, by handling both of us.

No body's fault. Its mistake. Waiting inline no one like it. So be respectful to the customer by quick action and doing the to handle situation in keep cold. Tough some people is always be reactive instead of ACTIVE. Such annoying for me, he talk keep talking after the teller serve him, yes his protest is accepted, but could you see the teller try to comfort you. I might be luck don't heard the man said loud and high tone. I must be become contra with him if he did it.

To control ourself to be not to reactive sometimes its hard. I did have high tone when I called a waitress in quiet customer restaurant because they make us wait until 10 minutes to be served. And we were hungry at that time. Control our self is just the biggest lesson everyday, not to be burst out or too impulsive like fireworks:P
 It takes military discpline for our self, military speaking : obey the rule- to get in control.