Sunday, September 16, 2007

Only Human


Jakarta Jam...

O my God, padahal berniat shalat tarawih dan menyiapkan besok shaum... ternyata kena Jakarta's nightmare. Traffic Jam! It took one hour from Cempaka Mas to Rawa Sari. Hiks... Walaupun berbekal kue kue satu stoples, tetap saja ngebetein. What happen there? Nothing , cuma mobil mobil yang antre berputarbalik. Disambung dengan pak ogah, disambung dengan bis kota butut yang saling berebut jalan. Wow what a day...

Tips when earthquake and a day before Ramadhan happen in Jakarta:
@ Don't go before 10 pm.
@ If you still want to go, bring a sanck and meal, bring gud music n your pocket and other entertainment.
@ Still worst decision to go , becaue it will make you get crazier and panic in same time.
@ Take a tour in a mall or go to your friends house is better.

Brcare full the jam will always happen in Jakarta. Forever until the MRT had builded.Sepertinya begitu...
Akankah Jakarta tenggelam kena banjir lagi sebelum punya MRT?
Mr Governor, that's your job now!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Istilah Islam dalam Bahasa Jepang

Diambil dari, dibuat oleh Aishliz

Istilah Islam dalam Bahasa Jepang

1. Muslim --> Isuramu no shinkousha
cth: Saya adalah muslim
- watashi wa isuramu no shikousha desu

2. Shalat --> Reihai
cth: Sebagai muslim harus shalat 5 kali sehari.
- Isuramu no shinkousha toshite, reihai wo ichinichi ni 5 (go) kai shinakerebanarimasen.

3. Rahmat --> Jihi
cth: Semoga kita diberikan rahmat oleh Allah.
- Arraa ga watshitachi ni jihi wo kudasaimasu youni.

4. Berkah --> shukufuku
cth: Berkah dari Allah tidak akan bisa dihitung.
- Arraa kara no shukufuku wa kazoeru koto ga dekinai

5. Shaum --> Saikai
cth: Orang islam di bulan ramadhan harus shaum/berpuasa.
- Isuramu no hito wa ramadaan tsuki ni saikai shinakerebanarimasen.

On a Target!

Today many people look for money bigger with time they have seems so short.I think that is the meaning of more effective and efficiency. Day by day the time goes fast, wether you live in America or small town, wether you only a house wife or a business woman. How it's possible happen? Maybe it's how world today, in the middle of civilization? Everything run fastly, your time and your age.

To adapt to this condition... I think all you have to do is to make targets then you should move fastly, think fastly and creatively, and of course, count your age. Be productive in each seconds of your life! That's what I mean. Because I feel I have no time to rest and relax only for sleep in 7 days of my life and 24 hours of mine each days. Looks like I am a busy person? Not really, I think I have to move fastly and no time to get useless in my life, to achieve my targets.
And beside Ramadhan is in the air, feels it just like we never will be in that month next year... Who knows about our age. I have targets, to do in this year and insha Allah , Allah will help me to cope those targets. Including the Ramadhan amaliah. Amiin.

You better hurry be productive person in your life.. to have precious time each day in your life you will never regret it.

"Man not get old because of the age, but past time do make us older each day"