Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jakarta Jam...

O my God, padahal berniat shalat tarawih dan menyiapkan besok shaum... ternyata kena Jakarta's nightmare. Traffic Jam! It took one hour from Cempaka Mas to Rawa Sari. Hiks... Walaupun berbekal kue kue satu stoples, tetap saja ngebetein. What happen there? Nothing , cuma mobil mobil yang antre berputarbalik. Disambung dengan pak ogah, disambung dengan bis kota butut yang saling berebut jalan. Wow what a day...

Tips when earthquake and a day before Ramadhan happen in Jakarta:
@ Don't go before 10 pm.
@ If you still want to go, bring a sanck and meal, bring gud music n your pocket and other entertainment.
@ Still worst decision to go , becaue it will make you get crazier and panic in same time.
@ Take a tour in a mall or go to your friends house is better.

Brcare full the jam will always happen in Jakarta. Forever until the MRT had builded.Sepertinya begitu...
Akankah Jakarta tenggelam kena banjir lagi sebelum punya MRT?
Mr Governor, that's your job now!

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