Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We , girls , love to buy same things based on personality. Seems it just ordinary watch, but when we put it together, time seems timeless as we share the time. In this picture, my rempong(hectic panic) girls:)
Thanks for fulfilled my life, being with you girls is timeless!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Man Standing

Couple more hours... the 1432 years of Islamic Lunar Month of Ramadhan will go. As usual, how the world goes without Ramadhan. Still mad world. Still the old world without some changes. Let me make the change. At last for my self. Last year Ramadhan, I had the lessons, today's Ramadhan, I earned bigger lessons. Each year in my Ramadhan, it will make progress. It will make my heart melt and realize how human is nothing without the fear to the creator.

Last hours in this Ramadhan, I get the chances, in life: big jobs, solid friends, unforgettable moments, closer life to be in love with Allah's grace and many more. I believe, the spirit to have good deeds in Ramadhan, I will always try to keep. I want to be the last man standing, through all the struggling, keep the good deeds in Ramadhan, do it in every time of my life pass by.

When we don't know in what second we will stop living, in what day we will stop breathing, in what situation will we have in our life, all we can do be the best last man that standing in his own life. Time is killing, so we should rushing to doing all the best. Don't think about the ending, Allah see the process, how we struggling, till our last standing. Ramadhan is our field to step in to the next month of fighting.Amin

Thursday, August 25, 2011


It was tiring... whole day tiring. But today the reward being honest to the feeling and sincerity seems enlighten the Ramadhan. Tough it is hard Ramadhan, no so perfect Ramadhan, but the applicative action as a muslim revealing many surprises. Nothing can compete to a stronger person, stronger in faith, stronger in believing, stronger in moving forward no matter how hard life will be..

I can smile in the middle of hectic and problem, I can hear  caring person, truthful person and enlighten facts in life. Don't mind yesterday trouble, or next days forward surprises. It may un-comfort , it could be painful, but there always balance episode within the awful: happy time.

This happy time is recharging to stand back, refreshing to memorize only the happiness, rebuilding the mind shape to be always positive.
Remember +  and  + = +, while - + - = negative.

So empower your energy trough the positive attitude:))

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hari Ramadhan dengan Kejutan

Lebay? Tidak. Ramadhan yang penuh berkah. Selalu memiliki hikmah. Apapun yang terjadi saat Ramadhan, selalu berkah. Apalagi bisa berujar syukur atas kesulitan. Allah berjanji, dalam kesulitan akan ada kemudahan, dalam kemudahan ada kesulitan. Kesulitan dalam Ramadhan yang penuh berkah, untuk kali ini, menahan sabar. Memperbanyak istigfhar, memenuhi ruang sempit Ramadhan yang sesak karena beban rutinitas. Sabar memperbaiki diri.
Kenapa satu hari di Ramadhan ini yang penuh kejutan . Sepertinya Ramadhan selalu jadi ajang pembelajaran. Selalu ada saja, peristiwa yang bergelimpangan tanpa prasangka. Begitu saja datang.. Berkali kali kejutan membuat sebel atau membuat bahagia datang. Beriringan antara kemudahan dan kesusahan.Ya Rabb, ini pelajaran terbaru yah... Mudah-mudahan jadi lebih berguna, jadi lebih bermakna.
Berita baik atau buruk, fakta atau rekayasa, harus dipilah supaya dirangkai indah di kepala.Selalu bersemangat tetap pada pilihan yang diberkahi.
Mari mengenang 23 Agustus 2011.