Thursday, August 25, 2011


It was tiring... whole day tiring. But today the reward being honest to the feeling and sincerity seems enlighten the Ramadhan. Tough it is hard Ramadhan, no so perfect Ramadhan, but the applicative action as a muslim revealing many surprises. Nothing can compete to a stronger person, stronger in faith, stronger in believing, stronger in moving forward no matter how hard life will be..

I can smile in the middle of hectic and problem, I can hear  caring person, truthful person and enlighten facts in life. Don't mind yesterday trouble, or next days forward surprises. It may un-comfort , it could be painful, but there always balance episode within the awful: happy time.

This happy time is recharging to stand back, refreshing to memorize only the happiness, rebuilding the mind shape to be always positive.
Remember +  and  + = +, while - + - = negative.

So empower your energy trough the positive attitude:))

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