Sunday, May 29, 2011

breaking the ice

I asked you
but you ignored
keep asked you
you asked another-or something
cried out loud
asked you again
cried out loud again

I was trying pushy
you kept crying pushy
I asked same thing
again, you pushed same thing
we went out to find the thing
 did the ice breaking
in quite room
you kept crying
I tried to understand
But ask you for a stand
beneath your sad crying

I did
by keep next to you
only touching you
you and I did it
we make connection
by sitting together
by touching together
in simple quite understanding
broke the ego
I am next to you, handsome

a tantrum moment with Ghani, which I couldn't break, but finally become so unique communicating way

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1000 ways

You just can't do that. You know... whining in the corner of your room, smoking or even screaming at the night. Don't you even dare to think to jump in to the sea or sit in front of the road of highway. Oh no, no matter how hard you feel now,I know how you hard to breath, how you easily leave the fun of eating, or even craving to stay in loneliness, enjoy being neglected. Stop.

You deserve to be sad, you are blessed to be stressed, you are human when falling apart and cry out loud. Human does weak as if the problem will always be easy to be solved while sometimes the problem solving is part of the destroying. Human does forgetful as if happiness is forever episodes.Human will always complaining when feels uncomfortable, something less and lack of. It's human, but human can control all that barriers. How? Stand up after you fall, you got no choice. Try another problem solving after the failures. Create another hopes after a shocking therapy. 1 way to feel sad always, but 1000 ways to feel better ! Remember God see our ways and efforts not the result.

Go ahead, be a winner after the lose time. Don't be the forever loser and complainer. Be the" 1000 ways " to be happy or at least you die in happy thinking with some efforts. Never keep the weakness of human. Because you deserve to beat angel-which Allah already made very good and never had problem. But be the Human which always survive in every problems.