Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sun of Faith

Everyday is sunshine. Yeah rainy day come, sure the storm pass by. But you know.... if sunny stay in your heart and mind, weather change is nothing, no matter how extreme. Sun, sunny as the strong power. What is your sun in your life. Mine is just simple word: faith. I am in love always, with the faith.

Once upon a day on my life scene, I was thinking differently. Then it brought me to the stage of numb mix with guilty feeling. Like a real drama, I find my faith. Up to now, this second... I get super mind set, goal and orientation. It is the Sun in my life.

Never finish to find your faith. But you must race with the time. Faith should be stronger, unlike time which always fade away. Never had, never seen a good harmony between faith and time. They just two different character. Pushing the faith harder, you go stronger. But pushing the time harder, you getting lose it.

Just keep the faith stronger. Faith about the creator. Then it will lead you to any power you never think before.

"I just enter my forever will, it hasn't perfect yet, but the faith about it always perfect! "
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