Saturday, April 16, 2011

Advice Breakfast

I am enjoying reading Steve Harvey's book : Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady. I taught it was about business area,doh since I don't really familiar with Harvey. Anyway, its bunch of man point of view about relationship which a woman should learn. It really helpful haha hah. I know now why man think like this, why man like this. One of the point that I interest is how man will wait someone who worth enough to get. From that text, I feel, seem soul mate is something that accidentally happen but deep down it is planned.

Then on my swimming lesson today, in some break, my tutor, said some taught. In the end, when they old, husband and wife they will go separately. They lonely also. Really? Then she explained other... it is wrong when a woman marry a man only to get some money and never done any socialization anymore. A woman is also human who need actualize herself and contribute to society. Its a big mistake to make limitation to woman after the marriage. It is hardly accepted too since its not a sin to giving something useful to other. Woman and man in marriage also a lifetime partner that should have their own personal mission, they support each other.
And the tutor still talk, when you are single and you are in society based should marriage age, get some life, work hardly, and you wont get the stigma from the east society. In eats society, woman should marry fast, young. I am thinking, fast and young sounds instant. There are no process it self. The tutor keep saying, soul mate it should not be find, but should come by naturally. Not too worry about this matter she said...
Then my other friend shout : "Yeah! I am not alone.. " She told us in her office people keep referring her as single who look for husband, in the other hand-either left or right hand :p ,herself is just enjoy being single. NO worry !

Hmm soul mate will naturally come by but never stop to have a wish , I think that's the wisest taught. The Al Mighty will hear prayer and send the answer, now and later.

Ouch ... I think I will continue my swimming lesson since I get free life lecturer :p She guarantee she know more than I do about a free woman...

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