Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simple Day, Big Blessed

Its just usual morning. Then came afternoon. Then the surprise begin. I just thinking about some relation and the connection with my future, but there is story of friend who shocked me. Her story much or less just like me. We both missing a partner in life. We both looking for the best. But we try to keep reality and logical thinking through this emotion episode. It seem Allah lead me to her. So I know her story and I can think and get the lesson how to defeat the emotion and nafs-lust trough the realism world.

We are woman often to be impulsive. Man are created in fragile feeling called love. Its always be blind no matter how the bright sunshine. I am typical person has A-Z plan in making some decision. I am also will imagine many preventive solution, tough the problem actually not happen at all. But just in case... Because many love stories landed in my ear which broken my heart as women. I just too many listening my friend's story about the love which never be the barakah love, even the marriage just so ruin until had to be ended.
I keep one thing in my mind across my heart. Faith. Have positive thinking to Allah. And everything will clear. As the fast answer from Allah after I ask something I can't decide anymore by myself.
If everything with Allah's will, take care the process in Allah's way, nothing will ever defeat the sweet being in good way. I tell her to keep her feet on ground, tough some parts of dreams seems so good to be true in her relation. Keep Allah's in her pray and way, in case anything bad happen.

If we involving Allah in every time of our life, every aspects of our mind, we just get the best blessed only. There's no lose or fault even misery if we do it .

Just a simple story, I got invitation, my heart scream with whom I should go to an event which I even had bike to ride on in the event, then Allah lead me to another friend. Some how, in sudden. One of the bless involving Allah in your life. Simple thing, but because I think its not small case, its big thing If I am not able to grateful for such easiness, I tend to forget the rest of Allah's gift.

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