Friday, June 10, 2011

My (not) Simple Happiness

Zzzzzuitzwit.... planning, then zwwitzwit changing ffiuh...The plan for that changing, but not the results.

Me and my friends made breakthrough within a week plan. Its not perfect, really awful but it was challenging  experience that we made trip with 13 special children, ride in angkot (google it!) in hot sunny day(27 degree Celcius) to a clinic. Masha Allah, they moved all around, they showed their bright orange cloth ----just like Jakarta football team costume color, their carried their own bag in angkot and did the important journey. A tough rough journey which may change their quality of life in the jungle world.

The experience that made them sweaty, thirsty, some are cranky, but they made it. Alhamdulillah.... We had chance to scratch bit of color in this life experience. Dear mom and dad, look at their happy faces in the simple trip. They sight seeing in their curiosity, they still not changing much as you expect, but they had learn through this trip. They got the excitement as if you give them big present.

We worked hard, think hard only for made situation for them to learn. But we proud of it, we love it, all paid well when we saw their smile during the trip. Its nothing maybe, but for us its a simple happiness. Giving simple happiness is not need spot light in the middle of crowd or make us famous, but it stay deep down in the heart.

In the next ride, we steal another moment with them, to give another simple happiness. Start your simple happiness by giving chance to the special needs children to be accepted not to be an awkward person in the middle of society. Smile to them not to stare them.

Just like a professor said in her movie character
"I am Temple Grandin. I am autistic"
but the women who just met her at the shop who looking at her scared face of an automatic door, commented,
"Oooh, my son is artistic."

Communicate to them with your humanistic heart, not your only sight:))
-after my tough half day with super team, in our special school with special kids-

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