Sunday, June 05, 2011

Count Up

Each day the burden or tasks seems never stop. If you do feel you just want to be usual guy, relax, calm in your daily life, including work to the people surround you, you could. You could be just plain yogurt. Somehow, someway, Allah increase those people up to the highest level, for those who feel life is just more than being relax each day, " no problems at all "and stay in comfort zone.

From the very beginning of our lives we had start the competition. Full of struggle our dad's sperm tried to reach the mom's gold ovum.Its big competition with more than 1000 sperms which also struggle. Not only that the way is not that easy as you seen in the movie, many layers should the sperm trough along the way to reach the ovum. Again, its not need a relax calm usual situation. Its a work, hard work. Smart work and needs Allah's will in it. That's our basic assets in doing the life.

The moment stay in so plain usual time is easy to get. You can create just easy as easy you leave crying child that sudden whining out in the middle of  crowded place. But do you really want to leave crying child just like that? Don't you feel responsible  if your self get knowledge and power to make the child feel better? No, right, your heart won't let it happen. Your heart will choose any effort to make the crying stop, tough its hard situation or unplanned situation.

We just can't let any part of hard situation that killing or stressed. We only could to change the situation. Then count up what will happen the next. Never ask an easy life, because that's not what we live for. We may ask the strength to control life to be easier than less value life. If Allah will always give present in hard situation, why should we leave it? We can face it and never ask why me to had this difficult situation. Beneath under your concious you are a chosen hero to fight it.Just be patient.

when I feel down I know Allah won't let me down

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