Thursday, June 16, 2011


Deep inside, I know where I will land my old time. Deep down in my heart, I know who should I thanked to about what happen today in my life. Seriously I am grateful for anything that happen everyday. Bad day, worst day is just day, its my life. Deeply I know I create my life, with Allah's will. No one could change our destiny but us.

Trust your life, it won't ended in sad drama scene. Because you build your life every night in your dream and you publish it every morning you wake up. It is more than a morning glory or night scene. It is your life. Where later there will always a judgment what had you filled your life with.

Share forever, dream forever, gain forever and you will never be lost forever, in your life.

"the moment I am thank you to Allah for the surprises today. I wish, I am grateful"

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