Thursday, April 03, 2014

Autism Awareness

2nd April is Autism Awareness Day. A day where the world remember about Autism. A day to let the world aware that person with Autism also part of the community.

Autism is not a disease.  Person with autism have typical behaviors.  Common behaviors are flapping hand, move around the room many times, play with unusual object, some can not speak at all,  some have limited vocabularies and many more. Most of person with Autism perfect in physical function.

Person with autism may have some basic signs:

Language - Communication Skill. Autism person has difficulties in way and how to in speaking, saying and understanding the whole process of communicating.  Include what is the content - meaning of the language. When we communicate, we use many skills. Firstly we need to be able speak, say the words. Then those words should be speak in phrase, sentence. Up to this stage, person with autism struggle to do it during they childhood. Normally 2 years old child could make sentence and say 500 words. That include the skill to identify the word in real object. Person with autism does not required with these condition. Since autism have degree, it could be very mild and possibly strong, they come in different conditions. Some have problem to say the word, but understand instruction. Some could say the word but don't understand have to join the words in sentence.

Social - Interaction skill. Autism build a huge wall of someone's life regarding their social needs. Human naturally interact with others and surrounding. Person with autism always enjoying being alone, separated from other people.  It might sounds like the introvert. But introvert could mingle when its needed by the surrounding. Person with autism prefer to stay alone, no matter how the world surround them so wild. Lets say in party. They might hate the crowd because they enjoy stay alone, they also might has issues with the crowd situation like loud music, people laughing and even lights become big problems.

When the person with autism ignore the people and surrounding,  they could read signs of emotion that people showed to them. Person with autism has difficulty to identify others feelings, as simple as angry to the max or simple caring feeling.

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