Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's Adzan

On 06.15 pm. After finished the game that we always play, in his room watching Ben Ten Alien Force.

Seol Bin : Come on let's play light catch

Me : Ok.

Seol Bin :This way..9direct the light from his Transformer watch to the drawer)

Me : Hhey I can't step on the drawer!!

We laughing together...

Me : Wait Seol Bin, I'll check my phone first.

Seol Bin : Ok.

Me: Oh No. I should pray.

Soul Bin : I know. But there's no amdiyan

Me : What?

Soul Bin : Amdiiyan.

Me : Oh Adzan you mean?

Soul Bin : Oh Adzan. Ya that song..

Me : It's call Adzan.. not Amdiyan.

He's busy watching Ben Ten. But it amaze me you realize adzan as praying calling song... While other Moslem think that just annoying sound bothering their busy time.

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