Saturday, October 01, 2011


My eyes need some sleep. My breath needs some interval. My head need some blank memory. Not really into something to do anything. The energy has been pumped out. But it just not ending. The man come and seeing all my works. a word from him.


the word said out loud in high tone. His eyes stared me. I didn't care. You supposed to be care my process during made this work happen. I spend nights without sleep well! Lack of food, many coffee! No hangout and stressed during weeks. Then I take out from that room. Its ended. Hell!!!

In sudden my mood to work collapse. I just sat in front of pc. Doing nothing but twittering my boss. All about his personality and negativity. The way he laugh, the way he stare, the way he even put finger tip on a touch screen.

In an hour, I received  email, said I should make new one. I did twittering during the hour. I enjoyed the comments from my fiends. He just not my boss. But I was confused.In email,  he added some clue how to make work better. But why he said I was fool.
Then my finger keep twittering ... the replies getting wild...Oops, I did forget, my boss still my followerGa. Devilish. I let this happened. Let him know, that he fool enough to said fool to me.

I saw him. In empty road. I didn't want to know anything about him at all. But then a friend of mine, who stand beside me waving on him. I got smacked. Then I should packed.

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