Friday, October 28, 2011

Femme in Brand

In biscuit pack...
In nougat pack...

Many food product use the creator name in their own product. But when it is not enough, they feel the face image branding is good way. Take a look those two pictures above. Both showing classic look a like lady, shows in the product, with typical way of pose. But it  will be memorable and easily identified by the customer to remember the product. If the product quality is good, taste yum, people will always remember the lady face. No matter how classic their style is:D The brand is the lady its self.

The typical for this brand image is:
Be classic: The pose, the color choices and clothes
Be Young : It shows  how long is the product has last, the younger of the image, the longer the product has been selling
Be Happpy : Don't sell the awkward pose ! The character should smiling no matter how classic:D
Be Different : Put the maker original name, complete full name, but it should be different from other product.

Then I remember my grandma who can make many good yummy cookies . Will she accept if later I put her face on the pack , if I sell her creation? Peace yo Nek...I am joking.

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