Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I was planning. But I can not decide, when it will happen. Its about another resolution to be able to get back my brain in sharpen way. Curious, the basic value that I have to be able sustain in this situation right know. After the curious with child's world, happy in my own childhood, little bit obsessed with my childhood, now it became a value. The curious will never stop, the needs to know every second about these young and new human.Freshness of their spirit. It became my own curious and value.

Move on. I think being curious its not enough, but should have some plan and ideas build inside. Yes, inside of a human, what you can find? It is beyond the flash and meat or even tiny second of cells. It is a soul, spirit and power which can be controlled and uncontrolled. Depend on the human manage it. Since human, not that simple, curious of a child , to a child, has moved me to wider aspects, bigger view in to humanistic side.
I was happy when I saw the detective works, how he solve problems to helps human and use other human. I was interest how war was painful and leaved some traces of scars for human and society. I was happy seeing Doraemon move from one side of world to another world , by truly magic, which is absurd and so foolish. And those movie experience, complete me to grow me in to 'older' mindset. Still with some foolish and ridiculous side in my brain.
A friend, many friends, thinks I am older than my age, because the way I am thinking and solving problems. I just realize, this answering my own inside , why I can be wise and good listener, beneath my foolish. What make this skills growing well. Is it because my circular friends? Is it because my choices of reading or movie? Is it talent? But this situation, somehow carrying me into a mature side. Which lead me to get indepth with the world of human and psychology. I am very and always interest with those two topics. I was deeper with human in culture, through Japanese. Now, soon, insha Allah, I am going further to the character of human. Somehow, the universe or law attraction, or whatever they name it, but I called the destiny , have been set  me in. I get in my own scenario of dreaming. Since many years ago I was interest in psychology, I had choose-accidentally- to be shrink, as my aunt was asking what college I would take. I was answering Pshychology. But then it is not happen that simple. But now, more than anything, I am very close with my surround and environment, and my choice and my faith, I am going learn it.

Masha allah. ALLAH make it simple. My dad just say easily, back me up easily to support me back to the school. I feel so surprised. Never expect it will happen this soon. When I was planning to another step, but got no good result after working it hard, I get another plan to do. Like the working plan B after the failed of Plan A.Wonderful surprise!

"What's on your mind, that's what you are!"

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