Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Workin The Way

I don't understand much
But I do feel right

I don't need much
But I do get some

I don't ask much
But I get more

A happy day is when you have all in one time, what you want, what you dream about, what you fight for. Is like heaven on earth isn't  it? It will never happen... Or might happen later on in the real heaven. Sometimes, many times we just have to cry out then get what we want. We pressed the eyes to pop the tears, we waste effort to have result. Once again , is it what we should believe in?about the results?NO.

One time I cried... with thousands regrets  mistakes. I was begging for the mercy from the Creator. Hope all my sins will fade away. It won't. It just written that clear. But Allah give me the way how to erase, how to fix. The word is how .... not what to erase. Means... the process is much more important than the results. Results are good. But How is the form of "Mechanism-WORK". And a human literally consider as human by work, effort and thinking. That's what make human honorable than the other creature.

So let's think.... how to, how to how to... better than what will I get?
 relax.... Heaven is not cheap. Is expensive as expensive the effort to have it.

" longing for the best effort, with heavenly on earth reward "
about my heart in between some paths

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