Wednesday, September 21, 2011

See you soon

4 pm. The rushing hour. Many deadlines. The rush for the work? No. Hope to see you. Soon.In the next couple hour forward. But whole this jobs and tasks should describe in one word : DONE. Can I? While my energy have only last minute. Maybe if I could translate it in mobile phone energy, it's just one half bar last. I just keep moving. I don't have no more option but to this. I now, I want to see you. But daily, I responsible to this whole tasks. I finally try to pump up my last energy.

Circle K. A simple convenient store. Sell the best drink in the world: Milo! Yeay. In between my hopeless, my lateness and my regret... It is very cheerful to have a big cup of Milo. Still out of the CK, my mind stuck. With you. Only you, how  should I met you. Once again I couldn't see you. We are so different. In time line, in needs priority. I was in the rush to see you. I was pondering to be able share my whole day with you. Then? None of it , I felt it from you. Ow is it just me that such feeling. It is to see you. I just want to see you. My Milo finished in wrap of minutes. Then Paramore song come to cheer me. After this afternoon pass by, I should walk again. Maybe you just not for me.

In the next morning.. I found YOU! It is a best gift. You are in my pray. How could? You. In a package of two tickets of Maher Zain concert. Its wonderful life. I see you, with my loving artist. The next big thing was your smiley in my messenger. Soon. Allah answer everything that we want that soon. I believe something more than this!

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