Saturday, September 17, 2011


One day, you just had a life full of tasks. Need to do a to z. But get only less time. I had it, recently. Oh dear, it nearly killed my mood. I uneasy to enjoy sleep, or simple food. Then if this happen, what could I do? I can't stop. Stop is just making worst the tiring situation. I walk, slowly. Paused for a while. Step in to the room, block any social needs then break down with my self. Don't want to waste my learning time, I also keep writing what I feel. Even a simple thing. It might lead to a good story-as if I need novel brainstorm-.Then watching my self lying on bed.. How could? Just a simple stress released.

I discover some people need shopping to run away from reality sucks.  Some likes to holiday. They just lucky could run away that fancy -_-" Some eat and feed self more ;D not my choice. It would make my tummy even larger than life ---hiperbolistic here.Some just release them self in toxic-drug-smoke. Definitely no. That a bullet that killed slowly.

Run to get back. Run away is not the choice. Run to have break and some air. Run is good for health and extra power. But not to hide and instant shortcut. But be careful with your speed, it control by your breath. The goal is in front ahead, but to manage the speed and breath is important. The speed is like motivation, breath, as amunition is the pray, that should filled in every run.

Run....with me  baby?

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